Brand Creation & Construction for Peel Scrap Metal Recycling

Peel Scrap Metal Recycling is a Mississauga based company I have worked with for close to 9 years now. I want to share my experience with them because they epitomize the kind of benefits that Bullet Proof Consulting regularly brings to the table. It also gives you an opportunity to see for yourself the results that can be achieved from a well-balanced strategic/creative partnership.

The logo and positioning line you see here was the very first thing I showed my clients  after being hired to build a  brand for their business. 

This was one of those instances in the life of a creative person when a solution materializes fully formed in their head and all they have to do is find the pieces that flesh out out that image.

Of the several core branding ideas I presented, the three owners bought into this idea right away.

They were unanimous that it completely expressed the vision they had for their company moving forward – Making sure that scrap metal recycling, (and Peel Scrap Metal Recycling in particular), was seen as a positive and environmentally conscious area of the recycling industry, thus altering some of the negative stereotypes attached to their business.

How Does This Actually Happen?

Of course, the process that made this ‘eureka’ moment possible was the result of two very important things:
1. A substantial amount of time invested in learning about both their business and their industry.
2. An equally substantial amount of time listening to them talk about what their vision for their business actually was.

I have always believed that entrepreneurial business owners generally have a fully formed idea of how they would like their businesses to be perceived.  My job,  sometimes easily, sometimes not, is to get coax that out of the, then for us to discuss and analyze that point of view to make sure that it’s leakproof. 

This interaction then:
A) Gives me the impressions I need to make a number of creative decisions as we take the process forward.
B) Creates a real feeling of investiture on the part of the clients, knowing that their thinking is going to be a visceral part of whatever branding is developed.

This, in turn, also eliminates the dreaded ‘us and them’ factor which both clients and creative people can find themselves falling into without a good level of transparency between them.

The Branding Execution

The initial identity, marketing & branding work included the synergistic application of the logo to a full stationery package, building and truck signage; a website and solid SEO program; sales support materials; a blogging program and a range of tactical print and online ads for various media and directories to reach their trade and consumer target audiences.

Later on, we moved into both transit, community newspaper and trade association website and billboard advertising (as shown here)  as well as developing a trade show presence. We also created a series of linked satellite websites, which provided in-depth information about some of the main metals Peel purchased.

On the community relations side, Peel expanded its already generous contribution to the communities it served through increased event participation and sponsorships.

The Fruits Of Our Labour

Late in the second year of my relationship with Peel, and as the result of a 20+% increase in sales, year over year, Peel undertook the opening of a second warehouse location in Oakville.

Last year we began and completed the development of a free mobile pricing app for trade customers, which included up-to-date current pricing on about 30 of the main metals Peel purchases.

In addition, last year, they added an industrial scale and crane so they can handle larger truckloads of steel and aluminum from demolition projects.

And most recently, Peel has decided to branch out into the retail area with a warehouse store offering a range of new and renewed items including: Nails and fasteners • Structural steel and pipe • Plumbing and electrical supplies.
As a result, a new branding program was created for this ‘satellite’ business.

Big Trees do indeed from Little Acorns Grow

All of this activity started with a simple logo and baseline which defined the brand and positioning of the company. It was a solid first step in creating a long-term integrated branding and marketing program.

But more importantly, it was the fortitude the client showed in sticking to it and the insights we developed together along the way that made this branding a genuine success.

As a result, Peel is in a pattern of small business growth that is powered by solid branding and smart decision making on the part of the owners.

I share some of the credit for this success, but remain steadfast in my belief that the clients’ commitment, energy and vision, made a critical difference.

The Learning

It’s very important, in developing brands, that the client’s opinions, wishes and vision are always, at the very least, seriously considered in the development process.

Because I approach my work in this way, I never really have to worry about ‘selling’ an idea. I just have to make sure that any ideas I develop reflect what the company’s owners really believe their business and their brand is all about.

And, honestly, 99% of the time, it doesn’t get any more strategically sound than that.

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