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Charlene loves to discuss business and leadership.  And being an engaging and enthusiastic guest is part of her charm.

Listen in to some of her recent podcasts

Why its People before Profit with Dave Molenda

Show Me the Money Honey with Tim Fitzpatrick

How to BulletProof your Business with Chris DT Gordon

What’s Your Excuse with Max Ivey

Bullet Proofing with Fox Talks Business

When Superwoman crashes and rebuilds   Fiercely Brilliant Women

Business is NOT complicated with Encouragement Engineering

Failure, Shame & Vulnerability  with Sole Source 

The 5 M Framework  Show me the Money, Honey

Made for More 6 Levels of a Winning Mindset

Sam Dossa Confidence in the Post-COVID World

ArchDevOpps Your Post-COVID Success Plan

The Maverick Paradox  What is Leadership  Now  

Tips with Te  What is your Why?

Stacking Wisdom  Focus, Commitment and Mindset

The Brave Entrepreneur  Think Really BIG

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