Why Us


Charlene Norman, Chief Empathy Officer & The Truth Teller








I got into this business to pass along my knowledge about building successful businesses to entrepreneurs and business owners.  Apparently, two of my best qualities are an ever-flowing pool of innovative ideas and an unshakeable belief in the greater good of my clients. 

Three Truths I Know for Sure

  1. I have never met a business problem that can’t be solved.
  2. The four inches between your ears is the most valuable real estate you own.
  3. The world as we know it can’t survive much longer.  We need a better way of doing business.

I guide those who want to make a difference and play BIGGER.  I am direct, extremely honest and very choosy. Over the years, I have made many people millionaires with my advice and counsel. However, they ended up wealthy in money and poor in everything else.

The everything else part is where I begin and keep the focus on so that you can be joyfully wealthy and still make your mark.

Many years ago, I learned that Business is Personal and EVERYTHING starts and ends with people.  Business is NOT numbers, data, trends and KPIs.  Business is Personal.  First.  Business is Joyful People.  First. 

And you, the owner, the big poobah of your enterprise are a Person.  First.  A business guru second.  And that is what makes me different.  I ask to get to know the real you first. I care about the person you are.  Because the success of your business lies inside of you.

You should know I am unafraid to call out crap when I see it.  And I always have the backs of my clients.  I share all my knowledge, mistakes and successes, failures and shortcuts with those who are discerning.  Is that you? 

You define the MORE.  I’ll get you there and make it about a relationship that ensures you stay ahead of the surprises waiting right around the next corner. 

My Credibility

My claim to fame is I eat, sleep, dream, write, talk and present all kinds of ways to make a profit.  It has been hardwired into my DNA since I was very young.  

I have led 60 acquisitions, 10 dispositions, 30 profit improvements,  5 culture changes and even 1 bankruptcy.  International, national, public, private, franchise and nonprofit experience. I even created and brought my own product line to market in less than nine months –with no contacts, before social media AND I beat the big guys by three years. I have led companies from $35 Million to nearly $1 Billion in revenue.  Besides having a 360-degree view of the business world, I am a CPA with an MBA in Marketing.

In 2015 I was felled by a virus called streptococcal meningitis.  It gifted me with two seizures, two strokes and a week in a coma.  In retrospect, parts of me had to be destroyed to allow the best parts to come forward.  Because life never happens to us.  It happens FOR us.

How does all this make me different?  I am told my superpowers are peace of mind and empathy.  Delivered with innovation and inspiration.  If you have an idea of what you want, I am pretty sure I have a way forward for you. And when we agree on what MORE looks like to you, I do everything in my power to get it for you and with you. That is my promise. 

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