For-Fee Resources

We all get to that point where ‘free’ no longer cuts it, and we move to for-fee resources. Because after we’ve got at least three to five solid years behind us, we want to take our business up a notch or two. Before you reach out to me, you might find these for fee sources helpful. (I know I sure did.)

These are some of the best places I have found the best advice AND success. Full disclosure:  a few of these are affiliate links. Others are direct links to my favourite friends, colleagues and clients.

Clarity Cash Clients with Rebecca T Dickson

This is How You Sell with Rebecca T Dickson

The Art of Receiving  with Rebecca T Dickson

Quarter Moon Story Arts has an uncanny ability to help you find and tell your own story so that others hear you, understand you and take action with you. 

Art-Fresh Marketing Agency The only agency run by an award-winning fine artist passionate about getting you an ROI on your efforts.

Canada’s Queen of Podcasting has some very tried and true wisdom from her agency. Everything you need to know about podcasting

Ever wish you had your Tech Whisperer?

  • Protect yourself against cybercrime
  • An accessible primer for Cryptocurrency

Ask Me anything at all!

  • To help get you thinking, here is a checklist. First, pick the areas that trouble you the most. Then grab an hour with me — For Fee. 
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