Free Resources

All of us love to gain an edge, right? So this is a list of free resources I encourage you to download — obligation free. Because none of us have any idea from where our next wisdom nugget comes. Perhaps yours is here.

— A recession is looming, and guarding and protecting is the best way to move forward. Listen in on the Executive Round table of December 2022.  Four pillars of business, several perspectives, priceless advice. 

— Strengthen your self-worth and know your highest value. Bad economic news can plague us all, and NOT in a good way. So here’s a terrific way to trust in yourself again and stand in all the power that is truly yours. 

The best tool to create Your Perfect Day. Perfect means you accomplish what needs to be done in accordance with your highest dreams. (My definition of perfect does not include completing every task on the to-do list.) 

Six Steps to a Winning Mindset. The actual steps I took to heal from the effects of streptococcal meningitis. Plus, a bonus!

— One hour of the most delightful and relaxing music to play in the background as you work by Emmy Award winner Jim Oliver.

— And if your brain needs a break (or your social media mind needs a cleanse)… here’s a pic of Mademoiselle Lily Bell. You’re welcome!

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