zzzRandom Acts of Business Kindness 2019

Y’know all those random acts of kindness days over the last decade in which people buy people coffee or groceries or just do special things?

This is about businesses helping businesses. Sharing real honest to goodness useful information that will help the other’s business.  A no strings attached.  Real stuff we find and share with our own customers. 

Join us in sharing the Random Acts of Business Kindness.  Within your circle of influence, you have two options. Develop your own twelve acts and share. OR simply forward these ones with a cover note.

We know Business IS Personal.  Imagine how much impact we can make if we each pass along once a month huge business tip which will help others. Imagine the impact we can make when we focus on the person behind the business. Instead of the business behind the person! Just Imagine.


Tis the season to spread goodwill.  Here is a very simple exercise anyone can do.  Listen to this MP3 file and make an impact this season! 



This is the coolest thing we have seen in a very long time.  Access to more than 25 brand builders.  Definitely worth the time you take to listen.  And absolutely NO selling.



We (softly) launched our new podcast.  People first, Profits Second.  Check it Out!



This is the link to the Business Round Table and here is a really interesting video about how Walmart’s change in community direction influenced case study changes at Wharton and University of Toronto MBA programs.



The Hawaiian Ho’oponopono Healing Technique Prayer for calming your overstressed mind.  



Something different.   An article about working with Millenials from the World Economic Forum.  It contains truths for ALL generations.  Hint:  Humility!



The key to successful planning in uncertain times  — a 30 minute super cool video with a worksheet  



A special Random Acts of Kindness May grid pdf file to aid in your decision-making process.



 An eighty-minute podcast released over the Easter weekend with Stacking Wisdom featuring Charlene and discussing several topics including results and mindset 


A 20 minute podcast with two ideas to drive more Employee Engagement Download

and the accompanying March pdf handout Download


The Future is Here! 5 Key takeaways about YOUR Customer Engagement. This is a 27 minute totally commercial free Audio file. Download

And here is the accompanying handout for February in pdf format. Download


Get Personal with Your Customers. Real Content Writing. A Pdf file Download
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