BulletProof Myself

Crazy title, right? I wasn’t sure what to call today’s message. Since I am in the business of helping others BulletProof their business, I decided to share how I have BulletProofed myself.

I mentioned a few months ago that I found my business intuitive. Cue the law and order music. Duh, dum. This is my story.

There was massive success in my business career and in the early years of venturing out on my own. Yeah, I made millionaires by the bucket loads, empowered employees, colleagues, and associates. I impressed the pants off so many by my luck in turning up profit and goodness in every corner. And, of course, I was rewarded for my efforts, too – though not nearly at the levels of the white men I worked beside.

Whenever someone asked me how I did what I did, I honestly never had an answer. I shrugged and pointed to my teams. “Ask them what the secrets are,” was my usual reply. Because frankly, I relied so much on everyone else, I could not put into words what it was I did.

I could not imagine how anyone would be interested in knowing that I saw and heard things every day — in my head. Things like the best routes to take and the ultimate happiness in the outcomes. Why would anyone like to know I had a sixth sense about people and knew how to get them what they wanted and give me more?

Who doesn’t have vivid dreams every night, feel the presence of something beside them, especially when alone and see coincidences and synchronicities every week? Exactly. For fear of being labelled and ostracized, I kept this massive part of me under lock and key.

Seven years ago, I started down a new path. Because going from a powerful to a weak human has a profound impact on one’s identity. So, being a lifelong insatiably nosy bookworm, I went on a learning journey. And have shared a few of the things with you over the years.

It has been a long process, and now that I am firmly on the other side, here is what I learned.

My intuition is the only reason for my successes (and failures) over the years. Yeah, the strange noises inside my head, the nudges to jump in and out, the feelings for the best actions for the greater good, the prickles and goosebumps, the dreams, the visions and the voices I hear. Every. Single. Day. That is the impetus behind me.

During that time, I delved deeper and deeper into how our brain works scientifically, explored the impact our spirituality has on our actions and outcomes, and discovered ways to fine-tune or power up the intuitive powers – we were all born with and possess today.

This year, I engaged a business intuitive because I realized I needed to tinker with my inner game. I needed to dial back the masculine energy and dial up the feminine energy. I wanted to get very comfortable with what was shaping up to be my new identity and figure out how that translated into the work I wanted to do.

Two things happened. The perfect client showed up. I went much deeper into the ‘world of woo.’

The perfect client wanted to grow and then sell her business in a way that suited her and didn’t include the soul-sucking bro factor of constant hustle, blatant capitalism, and destruction of the world’s resources. So we are up levelling her business by 900%. Yeah, 900%. It will take us a few years to do this, which is very much doable. Then we’ll sell it.

Going deeper into the world of woo meant I examined my intuition and then explored mindfulness, tarot, angels, energy, crystals, mysticism, shamans, akashic records, divinations, paganism, and even Chinese yin and yang. And precisely like all the stuff I have absorbed about finance, marketing, operations, people, big and small business, I kept the best and threw away the rest.

My business intuitive showed me there was much more buried inside of me than I realized and that I could stand proud of the whole part of me. Not just the parts that looked good from the outside. She helped me unblock a few damaging beliefs and showed me new ways to use my talents.

I am here to help business owners, founders, and entrepreneurs grow and scale their businesses with much less emphasis on the old hustle and brutal capitalistic ways and much more focus on the new ways where collaboration and compassionate capitalism rule.

A great deal can be learned from waiting and receiving BEFORE gearing up and charging forward. There is more to be gained by being an equal than being bossed. Doubling down on kindness translates into tripling the outcomes and results. Curated selfishness replaces ruthlessness. Alignment, joy, and fun are the new parameters we humans all want. Respect and safety are what we crave.

The truth is, I’ve been preparing for this my entire life. Understanding different ways of doing business in more mutually beneficial styles AND seeing the ineffectiveness of the other various forms of conducting business. Choosing the right path instead of relying on the so-called better way. Leading with heart instead of leading with ego.

Today, I stand at the intersection of the old and the new. I straddle the traditional and the woo. So that all those who wish to grow their businesses in a gentler, more compassionate, and more humane way can do so by the answers that lay deep inside them. My job is to pull those answers out and show the ways forward.

Some of you will find this odd. Yes, it is. Some of you will sign off from my weekly musings. I understand. I have always had a reputation of being the sane one, the commonsense one, the rational one. So, I get that what I am sharing today will cause eyebrows to lift.

Here’s what I know.

Life is too damn short NOT to do what is important to us. Every single one of us is here to do a specific job. We CHOSE that job.

We don’t have a lot of time left to save this planet, make sure the next generations have a secure-ish future and change the collective thought process from the good of a few to the good of the most.

In my small way, I am part of the change. So I hope you’ll consider sticking around. I’m expecting a thrilling ride.

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