Sexy? Business? Customers?

Can you articulate the sexiest result or results that you get from your customer base? No — I am not talking about the fact that 98% pay their bills on time. (Yes, cash flow is indeed incredible. But that is not the sexiest result.) Let me give you a hint. There is not one but

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Now, Is the time to Create the Future

Let’s create the future.  NOW! When COVID became a reality for us in mid-March, I made an abrupt shift in my business. I began preaching to anyone and everyone, ‘Stay in front of your customers and tribe. Let them know you are there. Let them know you are a human with emotions too.’ I even

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Maximise the Impact of Your Dash

The last couple of weeks have left me with some very muddled thinking about life, randomness and impact. First, my favourite neighbour from our old haunts let me know an older gent on our street was just given six to 12 months to live. Understandably, his wife is entirely beside herself with emotions. Here in

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Random Acts of Business Kindness

Random Acts of Business Kindness? There comes a point for most of us when we define our purpose in life. That which brings us the most joy. This exercise is neither a religious nor a woo-woo activity. It as a part of the maturity journey we are on. Some of us will get it and

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How a Mentor can be Invaluable

We often hear frequently the phrase, “Yeah but I don’t need a mentor” Or “You are my mentor”, (of course, we are not being paid.) And our favourite, “What exactly will you do for me that I can’t do for myself?” So let’s give you NINE Big Reasons why paying to have a mentor or

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