Got An Almost Zero $$$ Marketing Budget?

Did I get your attention with this wonky title for marketing? Cuz, I get this particular something for nothing question a lot.  And I want to answer it in a forthright manner.  I am not what anyone would ever consider a true-blue marketer. My focus is on your ENTIRE business and I see marketing as

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The Real Utility of Social Media

Over the last year or so, I seem to have stumbled into several pissing contests over the real and imagined virtues of social media. (And after such a hyperbolic statement, I fully acknowledge many of you are running immediately with looks of astonishment plastered on your faces to check my bio picture to determine just

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Customers: The Thing Businesses Can’t Live Without

This post was originally one of the bi-weekly newsletters we send out to our ever-growing list of people who are interested in useful and informative insights into a wide range of business-related topics. If you would like to be on our newsletter list, simply send a quick email (with your name and your preferred email address)

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Social Media Marketing is a Huge Gamble

At the risk of sounding like a Tyrannosaurus, I want to explain why social media marketing is a huge gamble and in many cases a big mistake for most businesses. To do so, I must begin with a story. Many years ago, I was the general manager of a facility that made automotive liquids and

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Why Your Social Media Does NOT Work

I finally figured it out. After much curiosity and study. And yes after wasting nearly twenty thousand dollars of my own hard-earned money. I finally figured out why social media works for some and does not work for others. I have proven it in my own life and anecdotally in my clients’ lives. If you

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