Connection? How Deep is Yours?

Years ago, the Bee Gees wrote the song, How Deep is Your Love? and yes, it became a massive hit. It is a song about really getting to know that special someone in our lives. Last week I had an aha moment about all our friends, connections, and acquaintances outside of our close inner circle.

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How Goes Your Networking These Days?

When COVID hit, I struggled with Networking in the virtual world. The old ways of ‘press the flesh’ and ’60 second sound bites’ fell completely flat. I could see how precious little was resonating in the zoom rooms because simply migrating stale practices to a virtual environment is ineffective on so many levels. I needed

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Plan Your Upcoming Marketing Efforts

Lately, we have been working with a client and chatting with a few prospects, and the whole topic of planning your marketing efforts has been, well, a hot button. Then each of us received a cool infographic about a new product that has recently launched and that caused a lightbulb moment for one of us.

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