Gimme Some Loving?

Have you ever listened to any Spencer Davis Group music? (They were a UK band formed in 1963 and lasted about six years.) One of their massive hits was the Gimme Some Loving song. I fell in love with that song more than twenty years after it was released. The chorus goes like this. So

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Do You FUSS over your Customers?

In the last post, I introduced you to my friend with the golden voice. He also has a golden pen. And it turns out he and I share more than a few common concepts about how customers should be treated. I have my ‘make love to your customers’ philosophy and he has his make a

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Simple Processes: A Real Life Example

You have heard us say several times now that there are three pillars which every single company needs to survive and thrive in the next two decades.  Make love to your customers, Have simple, efficient processes, and Be a fine upstanding community citizen.  Today, we want to highlight how NOT having simple processes can destroy

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Effective Selling Part 1: Three Key Things You Need To Know

This is the first in a series where we take a look at the process of selling from several different points of view, and intersperse that with some observations about communication and reputation management. Because we believe that is the best way to help you shape or retool your sales strategies and approaches. And yes,

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Customers: The Thing Businesses Can’t Live Without

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