Experiment, Learn, Repeat

Want to tell you about an experiment I ran on LinkedIn these last two weeks. I think you’ll find it fascinating — even if you play on other social media sites. Background I have devoted the better part of two hours, five days a week, to posting and engaging on LinkedIn for the last eleven

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How Goes Your Networking These Days?

When COVID hit, I struggled with Networking in the virtual world. The old ways of ‘press the flesh’ and ’60 second sound bites’ fell completely flat. I could see how precious little was resonating in the zoom rooms because simply migrating stale practices to a virtual environment is ineffective on so many levels. I needed

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Post-COVID Success — On Your Way Yet?

I am delighted to be on the receiving end of some massively positive stories about achieving Post-COVID success.  They implement their plans and are already repeating results.  Let’s talk about that! You know I am passionately devoted to cross-functional thinking and activities. In every organization. Simply put, I believe no one person has all the

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The Real Utility of Social Media

Over the last year or so, I seem to have stumbled into several pissing contests over the real and imagined virtues of social media. (And after such a hyperbolic statement, I fully acknowledge many of you are running immediately with looks of astonishment plastered on your faces to check my bio picture to determine just

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