The Big Reveal

Today is the big reveal, so I am keeping this week’s opinion piece very short. The exercise in rebranding is finally finished. It has only taken me nearly fourteen years to get to this stage! (Very typical, by the way, for all those who begin a business and then pivot a few times.) May I

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Living in Harmony: Your Website & Your Social

Have you noticed the war being waged over your website and social media in the branding and marketing arenas? Look over there — the traditional stuff is finally winning again. No, see over there. Cuz the digital folks have screwed things forever. Get your website gleaming. No. Use this new social app. This, that. The

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Social Media Marketing is a Huge Gamble

At the risk of sounding like a Tyrannosaurus, I want to explain why social media marketing is a huge gamble and in many cases a big mistake for most businesses. To do so, I must begin with a story. Many years ago, I was the general manager of a facility that made automotive liquids and

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Why Your Social Media Does NOT Work

I finally figured it out. After much curiosity and study. And yes after wasting nearly twenty thousand dollars of my own hard-earned money. I finally figured out why social media works for some and does not work for others. I have proven it in my own life and anecdotally in my clients’ lives. If you

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