Reputation Management

If you are like us, and we believe that is very likely possible, you know the most valuable thing you own is your word.  Similarly, the only thing worth pure gold in your business is its reputation.  This is something a lot of people in business think about but don’t have much of a plan

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5 Smart Business Tips From The Great Bob Dylan

I have always considered myself to be a bit lucky. So lucky, in fact, that I was fortunate enough to have met and talked one-on-one with Bob Dylan for about half an hour. This was back in the 70s when he was just about the biggest thing out there. The story of how this came

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How a Mentor can be Invaluable

We often hear frequently the phrase, “Yeah but I don’t need a mentor” Or “You are my mentor”, (of course, we are not being paid.) And our favourite, “What exactly will you do for me that I can’t do for myself?” So let’s give you NINE Big Reasons why paying to have a mentor or

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Give It Away For Free! A Secret To Success

Why on earth would I exclaim give it away for free is a secret to success?  Because apparently today, I am the odd man out. Not really.  Here’s why. Once we humans got over the shiny object internet syndrome, (say twenty-five years ago) we were left with the ‘holy shit, look at all the stuff

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Why Your Social Media Does NOT Work

I finally figured it out. After much curiosity and study. And yes after wasting nearly twenty thousand dollars of my own hard-earned money. I finally figured out why social media works for some and does not work for others. I have proven it in my own life and anecdotally in my clients’ lives. If you

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