Can You Let Go, Just a Bit?

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I was guesting on a podcast last week, and the host asked me what I thought the secret to success was. Without hesitation, I asked, “Can you let go, just a bit?”

I have a history of being a classic type A control freak. I leave NOTHING to chance, over prepare for pretty much everything, and almost always have a Plan A, a Plan B and, when necessary, can carve out a Plan C with little preparation. EGADS!

The downside to this worldview about success was migraines, frequent bouts of moodiness and an incessant need to stew and worry about minor things. How many of us can identify?

Over the last decade, I have learned that WHEN I let go of that death grip on the outcomes, things still turn out AND sometimes better than I could ever imagine.

Hence my question to you. Can you let go, just a bit?

I understand far too well that the traditional way of doing business is to have a plan, stick to the program and adjust as necessary. That a failure to plan is a plan to fail. And that haste makes waste. So measure five times, cut once. And of course, my personal favourite, the early bird, gets the worm.

But what if ….

We did things because we loved doing them. But then, we found other ways of doing those things we didn’t love to do. And instead of talking about why we’re in business, we wondered why we do or believe the way we do.

What if we said, I’ll put together a rough idea and trust that my actions will get me the rest of the way. What if we decided to loosen the reins and let synchronicities rule a more significant part of our life?

Can you let go, just a bit?

Can you start with the way you think? Let curiosity be the focus. Be willing to discover new things instead of confirming your past expectations.

Can you be open, clear about your motives and desires, and set your intention? Can you have faith in yourself and then step into the magic waiting for you to claim it?

There is a change in the air. We can all feel it.

It is time to act with thoughtfulness and awareness. Be true to yourself. Right now, what is called for is “doing the thing that needs to be done.”

Can you let go, just a bit?

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