Case Study: Metal SuperMarkets

IT Reputation Repair

Key Role: Director Productivity & Profitability


√ After 3 months, it was a win. After 6 months, an Academy Award.

√ Sliced back order delays in processing IT requests by 80%

√ Implemented 24-hour response rate for 90% of all regular IT complaints and requests

√ Regular and timely upgrades of software with monthly one on many lesson sessions

√ Eliminated the user frustration, management issues, AND nearly all the overtime charges


There was no cohesive leadership over the IT function. The software was centralized and controlled in the head office but was not regularly updated. In the field, the programs simply did not work. The franchisees were neither computer nor accounting literate and frustrated that training was lacking. The clever ones found ingenious workarounds to get through their days. Those who tried to work the system found that it took days to process a complaint. Processing was not thorough, so problems were never completely solved, and untold overtime hours were constantly being racked up.

Strategy: Identify the key bottlenecks. Huddle the key players together. Develop a plan. And execute well.


It took approximately three months to get it right. 1  We set the right structure in place. 2  We implemented the right best practices and training for the IT people. 3  We got our users on board and began the process of eliminating their concerns. 4  We created a process to measure our results and communicate to everyone. Management, the users, the IT staff, the owner. Once it looked like it was working (after three months), it was handed off and let to run, measuring progress at regular intervals.

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