Get Ready to Be BIONIC

If you’re of a certain age, you’ll remember the old TV shows – The 6 Million Dollar Man and then The Bionic Woman. A hero and shero — half human and half machine – with one mission. Save humanity from the evil villains. (Google Lee Majors and Lindsay Wagner.)

In the early 1970s, the world was introduced to the term Bionic. And now, nearly 50 years later, the new term being knocked around for the ’20s is the Bionic Company. WHAT?

In short, the Bionic Company is the successful company of the future which can blend its human and technological capabilities. And while you and I can laugh at the sheer silliness of that statement, the pundits and serious consultants are focussed on helping a select few ‘get it right’ for tomorrow.

I believe there is a ‘magic’ blend of human and technology. It doesn’t matter what it ultimately gets called. What matters is that the model WORKS. Because ultimately, it is your competitive advantage

We’ll all be hearing much more about Bionic Companies shortly. I know you want to stay ahead of the curve on business thinking and that you plan on keeping your business going for a long time. Here then is a very, very brief primer of what you need to know and do.

Know Your WHY

First, are you crystal clear about your why? This is vital! Why are you doing what you are doing? Why are you in business? What do you want to do?

It is not about being the best, serving your industry or offering the most options. It IS is about WHY you got into the business, what you see your role in the world as, what kind of global citizen you are, and what your ultimate purpose today and tomorrow is.

I can not stress this enough. It is not about WHERE you want to go. It is about WHY you want to go there. Plus, it MUST be emotional, easily understood and translatable, and authentic, real and honest. No bullshit, motherhood and marketing bumpf allowed.

Know How You’re Special

Next, define your competitive advantage. Clearly. The one you have now and the one you must build to satisfy your purpose. Yes, you have a competitive advantage in the market you serve. It is the only way you stay in business. (And by the way, your competitive advantage is NOT because your company is made up of friendly people.  Nor because you go the extra mile or even that you have the lowest prices.)

Then define the value you create for the world. Not just your customers. THE WORLD.

Walk Your Talk

Now make all that WHY, competitive advantage and value stuff into real, bite-size and specific sentences for every single person in your organisation. This is hard. Because every person you employ must understand how what he/she does every day furthers your being,  Then you must regularly update them d about how their efforts have moved your company closer to your goals.

Try the Cross-Functional Approach

After you get this nailed down, take a look at the Bullet Proof Trifecta and more specifically the first two bullets. Make love to your customers and have simple processes. Here is where you put your thinking cap on WITH your team. How can you harness the power of technology to UNLEASH the power of human creativity and productivity?

The best way to tackle this is to take it in pieces. So, for example, take only the sales process or the order process or the purchase process or the delivery process. Work one process, get it about 80% right and then tackle another.

With your Why, your competitive advantage and the value you create laid out in front of you, take that one section of the business and gather all the relevant players and ask a few questions such as:

  1. What would the best outcome be –if money and all limitations were no issue?
  2. If money and all limitations were no issue, what would we need to get there — if money and all limitations were no issue?
  3. If we put ‘x’ amount of dollars to this project, what could we accomplish? Let the brainstorming begin. Be amazed with your team. Be awestruck by your plans. And then watch it take form.

Final Thoughts

NONE of what I have shared today is instantaneous. Neither is it extra work. Or in addition to what you are already doing. Everything is a moderate tweak and an improvement.

You know very well the old analogue model of yesterday and today has proven incapable while the newer digital model of today and tomorrow is proving destructible.

I believe the future lies with the so-called Bionic Company model because this is where YOU can harness the power of technology and UNLEASH the power of human creativity and productivity. It is the best of ALL worlds and sets you and your company up for amazing success.

What’s the contact number to get going on any of this? 647 991 8743. Or try this.  But then, you already knew that, didn’t you?  

To your success!

Change your thinking for the better

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