How to Create a Bit of Space

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Do you ever wonder how to “create space”? I know I have!

Who was it that said the best part about spring cleaning or regular purges was removing the dust, the clutter, and the too old and too broken? Now THAT is all about creating more space, right?

Creating space in today’s crazy world is about removing the dust, the clutter and the superfluous in our heads. Yeah, our heads! Removing the noise that resides there daily, in order to let the ‘real us’ come through.

A month or so ago, I shared with you the concept of Pampcare. NOT a real word. I invented it as a link between Pamper and Self-Care.

Simultaneously different AND similar to Pampcare, creating space is about taking five minutes and just being. Which sounds completely out there, doesn’t it? Bear with me.

The whole point of being is to uncouple yourself from what you are doing. Being with ourselves for a tiny part of our day, each and every day is the best gift we can give ourselves. Unfortunately, for most of us, we do not spend nearly enough time alone with ourselves.

Especially given the hectic lives we all live, we have allowed ourselves to be trapped. So it can feel downright weird and uncomfortable to simply be.

The secret is to take five minutes and just be. No doing. Just being.

Far too many of us lose ourselves, our essence, our good parts in pursuit of career, family, and business. And sitting (or standing) still can be, well, in one word — brutal.

Yet, it is a habit from which we can all gain immense value.

Here are some of my favourite hacks to help you find stillness, and create space.  The only purpose of these is to make being feel more comfortable.

— Go for a walk – alone with your thoughts. (This is my all-time favourite.)
— Sit on your porch with a cup of tea because at least sipping something makes you feel like you’re doing something as sit with yourself. No porch? How about a garden, a park, a shady tree?
— Put your bare feet on the grass and stand/sit/lay. There is something about skin to nature that is liberating.
— Listen to a guided meditation. Having someone else do the real work is so much easier than asking ourselves to do the work. Guided meditation can be the perfect antidote to liberate one’s thoughts.

Start with five minutes. Let this time grow (slowly but surely) as you get more comfortable with being rather than doing.

For me, it started with 5 minutes

See, for too long, I jam-packed my day with thing-after-thing-after-thing. Please believe me when I say creating space to just be felt useless/dreadful/boring. Slowing down was for sissies. I wasn’t like everyone else. Uh, huh!

Over the last two years, I have learned that being, not doing is the best thing ever. Being has given me the ability to re-find my dreams, my creativity, my inspiration and best of all my fire. All from slowing down. Cuz, I am NOT special. Every single one of us human beings needs to slow down – if just for five minutes a day – to go better, higher and longer.

Would you like to start to dream again? What about having ideas regularly popping into your head? Or big ideas swooping into your brain cells? Want to feel more like yourself and less like a money-maker on the hamster wheel? Are you interested in getting more done in less time?

Begin by simply creating space

Practice being. Temporarily stop doing. Five minutes is enough time to begin the exercise and feel some freedom. Do me a favour, will you? Let me know how it goes for you!

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