How to Still Stand Tall

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The news these days is making my stomach churn. It’s so very hard to stand tall right now, isn’t it?

Interest rates are rising in a bid to stop inflation. Gas prices and general inflation are spiralling up an endless staircase. COVID is holding steady. Let’s ignore the long-overdue cooling of the housing market. The big companies are putting through price increases that look like price gouging too often. And right around the corner, in my country, is a provincial election no one wants, can get excited about, and in which decent options are unavailable.

Notice I haven’t touched on the current state of affairs in the US, Ukraine and elsewhere around the globe?

We both can agree that change is a part of our lives permanently as we are all meant to evolve. So no matter how negative the news might be right now, some good will ultimately come from the chaos we are experiencing. The most important thing is where can we find the positivity right now to keep going?

Of course, I have a few ideas.

• Your family. Regardless of whether you chose them by birth or by choice, whomever you call your family still thinks the world of you. In their eyes, you still shine brightly. So do that. Make their lives as complete as they have made yours. There is more than enough love to go around. And besides, the more you give, the more that keeps coming to you.
• Your employees. Your employees are worried too. Share some of the lessons you have learned on how to keep on going, face the adversities and challenges, and how others have been there for you. Not only do you show them a human who has been there before, but you also bolster their spirits. (You don’t expect me to fill in the blanks about what employees do when they are positive, less worried and more relaxed, do you?)
• Your colleagues, your customers and your vendors. Every single one of us knows at least one always positive person. Some days their optimism is incredibly annoying; other days, we grudgingly admit we NEED a conversation with them. Right NOW is one of those times. So call that always cheerful, overly optimistic and delightfully quirky person or persons. Today. And ask them for some wisdom to help you cope. Then listen. I promise. They will very likely have some nuggets and jewels for you.

I say this because of something I have learned over the years. No matter how horrible or chaotic our lives can get, one thing remains a constant. Our love and commitments. Those two things always stay strong.

Don’t be afraid to lean heavily on them right now. Remember all those times you came to someone else’s rescue? It’s your time now. Could you ask for and grab what you need?

The world still needs you to show up and fulfill your mission, regardless of what extreme conditions are circulating. Continue to stand tall.

And you know where I am if you want to chat to an outrageously optimistic and cheekily cheerful chick.

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