It’s Twenty Twenty Three

And just for you —

    1. Fewer resolutions. More resolve.
    2. Increase your daily level of optimism. AMAZING things will start to happen!
    3. Be a lamp. Or a lifeboat. Or a ladder.
    4. Mean people suck. Don’t become one of them. Not even for a second.
    5. Write more. Journaling, blogging, morning pages, and notes to friends and loved ones.
    6. Feature and leverage other people.
    7. Be more gracious and more grateful.
    8. Less excitement. More execution.
    9. Let it go. Yes, you know EXACTLY what I mean.
    10. Create a mastermind alliance or partnership. It will make all the difference.
    11. Write your damn book already.
    12. Drink more water.
    13. In case of emergency, secure your own mask before assisting others.
    14. Clean up. De-clutter. De-pile.
    15. Make more lists and use them wisely.
    16. When it comes to social media: Post value (not ego); Retweet generously, Shout out loudly, and Thank abundantly.
    17. Carry a notebook everywhere. Got an idea? Write it down. With today’s date. And a “next action” step. Repeat.
    18. Get more sleep.
    19. Do more of what makes you happy.
    20. If you speak or present virtually, your ideas deserve beautiful slides.
    21. Listen to more smart friends.
    22. Nobody buys your products, services or ideas “sight unseen.” Go get seen!
    23. “If everything seems under control, you’re not going fast enough.” ~ Mario Andretti
    24. Read Getting Things Done by David Allen.
    25. Master your inbox once and for all. Massive freedom will follow.
    26. Tap into trends to generate more and better ideas for both your business and your life.
    27. Stop worrying about the HOW. Focus on a small set of very specific WHATs. The rest will take care of itself. Honest.
    28. Become more in tune with the time/space continuum. Seriously. Rather than wanting everything to happen “Now, now, and now” (which only causes overwhelm and frustration), focus more consistently on what you need to do “Next, next, and next.”
    29. The three factors to your long-term success: 1. Your Authenticity 2. Your Expertise 3. Your Enthusiasm.
    30. Replace “Who’s going to let me?” with “Who’s going to stop me?” (Hint: Maybe no one?)
    31. Reflect on the shortness of life. (Watch the slideshows of people we lost in 2022) And pack as much goodness as possible (for you and others) into every single day.
    32. Always pick up the check and leave a big tip.
    33. You’re pumped… You’re peaked… It’s game time… Bring it!

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