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Let’s talk about your obstacle or obstacles.  I am presuming you have one or two.

Have you noticed there seems to be a higher level of mindless moaning these days? Especially since the issues stemming from COVID are constantly highlighted? Maybe your OWN life has been turned upside down because of the pandemic.

Do you find yourself hitting the walls at a much higher rate these days compared to years gone by? Does it seem that fighting for what you believe in and want has become a far-away dream?

I certainly don’t have all the answers, however, I‘d like to share something I have learned over the course of my life.

You have a choice

The beauty of any obstacle in front of you is it offers you a choice. You can barrel into it and bang your head. Or find your easiest way around it and don’t fight it. It really is that simple. And it has everything to do with YOUR choice.

Say, you are completely exhausted by your efforts to break through that obstacle. Or perhaps you are insisting that there is only one way to remove it from your path.

The truth is, the fact you are not making progress on that obstacle could stem from three different answers. Three different ways for you to consider.

  1. No.
  2. No, not yet.
  3. No, not the way you think it should be.

Each one of those answers begins with a No. And the ultimate meaning is completely different. Absolutely Not. The time is not right yet. The way you think it should be is not the right one.

The only thing you need to do is choose the NO that fits.

How can you be sure you are picking the right No?

Be open to new possibilities. (And trust me when I say, this is not an easy skill to learn.) Allow a tiny bit of slack in your thinking. Because when you allow for the possibility that you don’t know a funny thing begins to happen. Other options mysteriously begin to appear! And those options can lead you through the obstacle.

You see, not every conflict is worth engaging in and not every obstacle is worth resisting head-on. It makes no sense to waste energy banging your head against the wall.

Take all that energy and look for possibilities.

Absolutely nothing happens to you. Everything happens for you. And THAT is the gift in every single obstacle.

Care to tell me about a time when you took the NO you received and made it work for you?

Change your thinking for the better

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