RIP Your Majesty

Your Majesty.

I couldn’t NOT say something about the death of someone I have known about my entire life. And I am pretty sure you, too, have very likely never known such a visible public figure for so long.

Whether we are members of the Commonwealth or not and whether the monarchy is relevant or not to our view of the world, we are all saddened by the news this week.

Queen Elizabeth II was an astounding woman who gave her life to her family, country and people for nearly a century. Who do you know that would do such a thing? I know of no one.

We can all read about her magnificent life in any of the articles online and in print. However, I want to focus on something a bit different.

On or about the time she passed, a beautiful double rainbow appeared.

In spiritual terms, a double rainbow is all about new beginnings and transformations.

See, the first rainbow represents the material world, physical reality or manifestation on the earth plane. The second rainbow symbolizes spirit, another dimension of consciousness and a more subtle way of being.

I’d prefer to believe the world’s most famous grandmother chose to leave us one last message.

‘I leave you today with one last opportunity for growth, self-discovery, and evolution. May this beautiful double rainbow bring magical energy into your world and infuse you with the energies of peace & prosperity, abundance, sacredness and success.’

Change is always tricky, isn’t it? Especially when one of the most significant constants we have had in our lives leaves.

I hope and trust we will all be smart enough and clever enough to take this last message to heart and act appropriately.

Thank you.  Your Majesty.

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