Stay Stuck In The Past Or Prepare For The Future

When Charlene and I decided to create a business management partnership together we spent a lot of time talking about how we wanted that business to be seen.

On the surface, when you put a highly experienced business analyst and a highly experienced marketing and communication person together, you end up somewhere in the spectrum that most business executives and entrepreneurs would identify as management consulting.

And because we both wanted to be hands-off and not ‘manage’ that process, we could further be defined as a boutique operation.

And that’s all well and good, but the trouble with that was we did not want to be defined and or classified as either of these things.

Instead, we wanted to be identified not by the benefits we could provide to our potential clients, but to be seen very much as mentors, enablers, advisors, valued opinion providers and cheerleaders.

We also wanted to be seen as the kind of professionals that our clients would get to like and trust. Because those two things are the most important elements that enable us to do what we really want to do.

Our Business Is Helping You Change Your Thinking For The Better

Anybody out there in a position of business ownership or business management understands that the world we are rolling into is not the same as the place we have been.

As the world shrinks, all kinds of changes manifest themselves. And we strongly believe that the companies who can adapt their thinking to survive and thrive by staying out in front of those changes are the companies that will survive and thrive over the next decade and beyond.

And while it is one thing to understand that change is the only constant in today’s world, it’s quite another to get your head around what sort of impact these changes will have on the way your business operates going forward.

Because the easiest thing in the world to do right now is to pretend that there is still a status quo. And those who do will soon discover that they have fallen and they can’t get up.

Our Opinion On What’s Leading This Pattern Of Change.

Your Customers. As the world shrinks, customers have more choices and become more demanding in terms of what they are looking for in either a B to B or retail relationship. So it is imperative that businesses who want to both attract and retain customers have as much information and insight into who their customers are. Because customer relations going forward are going to be very much like personal relationships. Your customers have to love you and you have to love them.

Your Systems. Despite all the amazing business tools companies have at their disposal these days, adapting to them is a lot of work, and the processes this adaptation creates can slow your business to a crawl. The businesses that will survive and thrive in the future are the ones who work with the simplest business systems because simplicity is directly proportional to productivity and profitability.

Your Brand Character. The businesses that are willing to give back: to their employees, to their customers and to their community are the businesses that are going to attract the best people, nurture the best customer relationships and always have a superb public image.

How Do You Start To Change Your Thinking?

Well, I wouldn’t be writing this if I didn’t feel strongly that finding a change agent to help you with this process wasn’t a smart thing to do.

The way we work is  we will guide you through:

  1. Identifying just how you need to change your thinking,
  2. Creating a strategy and process to best to implement those changes,
  3. Deciding on and creating the tools that let your customers, employees and stakeholders know that these changes are taking place.

Further to that, we will stay connected with you to provide ongoing advice on new developments and any necessary course corrections you made need to make going forward.

Our combined expertise and the counsel we provide in business management, systems analysis and marketing/communication is the result of several decades of high-end business management and communication experience.

But we both have a long history of approaching business change from a very human perspective. Because, to us, business is not a so much a system as it is a collection of people working towards a common goal.

It is the human side of business and our ability to get people to work together to understand and stay ahead of change that has always been our long suit.

The Future Is Coming. Be Ready For It.

Despite all the chaos that appears to exist in the world at the moment, many Canadian businesses are on the threshold of unprecedented opportunity.

We want to help a few of those businesses equip themselves to identify and navigate those opportunities successfully. Should you be one of those future-focused businesses, meet with us, at no obligation.  It will prove to be time well spent.

And should you simply want to to keep abreast with some of our latest ideas and thoughts, signup here for our Point of View newsletter.  We believe your competition has.  

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