The Federation of Men

It’s time I apologize to the Federation of Men. Once and for all.

You see, I used to think men were dumb; women more intelligent when admitting their inability to stay on a path. Because we all know, a man never gets lost. Among some of his better lines, I think the “I am exploring,” “discovering new ways to get there,” and “touring the neighbourhood” ones are the funniest.

On the other hand, a woman always admits when she is lost. Just look at the panicked faces, the wild gesticulations and the occasional flowing tears.

However, on second thought,

I have been very wrong on this point.

We all know that what we believe, we achieve. So we women who always get lost. We don’t seem to improve. Yet, at the same time, the men seem to hold steady on their explorations because there is NOTHING to improve.

And explorations, tours and discovery trips have an air of excitement, don’t they? There is absolutely no reflection on the abilities and sensibilities of the person—just a grand adventure.

Whereas “I got lost, I took the wrong turn; I missed the landmark,” all point to the frailties of all human nature. The imperfections hijacked the joy of the excursion by not getting to the correct destination at the right time.

And with all the other more important stuff we need to be accountable for, is the self-flagellation over getting lost necessary?

I hereby proclaim it is NOT!

The Federation of Men is indeed correct.

Getting lost (in all manner of life events, not just road trips) is a blessing in disguise because we can only discover a new course when we lose our bearings. And contrary to popular opinion, no rule anywhere puts a time limit on learning those new paths and directions.

True north never changes.

Not the geographical true north. Not the true north that guides our hearts and souls.

So, let’s take a few lessons from the “Man Handbook.”

First, could you reframe the instances I feel lost and I am exploring new territory? Uncovering hidden paths? Taking a slight detour and getting lost in my surroundings?

Second, can you welcome and then be grateful for the diversions?

Because these reframes are all very valid and far more uplifting and motivating than “I’m lost.” And not knowing where you are going is an opportunity to find a new way to a new path.

Cheers to your next detour!

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