There Might be Something to this Self-Care Thing

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I have a wide skepticism streak in me. Maybe you do too. Self-care is a term I have never been able to get behind.

Most likely because in the beginning, it was always coupled with spa days, mani-pedis, beauty makeovers, tiny portions of chef-prepared healthy food, and pictures of well-dressed and coifed people lounging around.

Frankly, based on the way I saw the media portray it, I felt self-care was more about decadence and special occasions and not enough practicality for those of us with shoestring budgets.

Until this week

I met a lady who calls herself an empath and claircognizant. What does that mean? She feels more empathy than the average person (yes, you can measure your empathy on a scale and see where you fit.) And she also has an innate ability to operate from her gut, can smell a liar a mile away, and can see solutions others cannot.

All of which means she operates at a very high vibration. And therefore, runs out of steam much faster than those who do not have this combination of talents.

I asked her how she guards her energy levels.

“Before I realized I was a claircognizant empath, I thought I was bizarrely lazy. I was convinced that I was not made for this world. Now I understand exactly what I was doing. I was protecting my energy.

This is what I do:
• Long walks in the woods.
• Meditate in the grass, just not over the septic tank!
• Water is healing for me, so I take two long showers daily. My next house must have an outdoor shower and easy access to the ocean.
• Sleep is critical. I will take a few short naps a day if I need to and go to bed early.
• I spend a lot of time alone so that I don’t have to protect my boundaries.
• I don’t see clients back-to-back.
• I live quietly—no tv, radio, or technology.
And I’m looking forward to when I exercise daily.”

Suddenly the penny dropped

Self-care is all about being kind to ourselves. To give our bodies and our minds exactly what we need. Nobody NEEDS a spa day, a mani-pedi, a makeover or even a wonderful chef-prepared meal.

Everybody does need a few minutes of peace and quiet daily. I haven’t met anyone who disagrees that a bit of technology unplugging is good for the soul.

And I can see you nod when I suggest we all need to pause, catch our breath, and reorient ourselves to our north star for the simple act of being the best we can be.

Any one of my new friend’s suggestions could likely do the trick for any of us. A couple of them, done every day, will do wonders for our moods, stress levels, and sanity.

Please consider joining me and dialling two short periods every day into your calendar. Precisely to give you a little peace and quiet break.

Squeeze those two short periods anywhere into your day. And watch your life expand.

Self-care. It’s because of, about and for YOU.

Change your thinking for the better

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