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My entire life, I have been notorious for forgetting birthdays, anniversaries, and special occasions. So, last week, it came as a complete shock when I remembered something. I was chatting with a colleague, trying to find a date that worked for both of us and while looking at the calendar, shouted. “OMG. It is six years now since my vegetative state. I had completely forgotten!”

Know what was worse than forgetting? Realizing those six years had swooshed by at a supersonic speed!.

Why am I going on about a past personal event, you ask?

Because, when I look at our world right now, I see the price paid from long days of pandemic blur, remote working, uneven business results, political doublespeak and never-fast-enough decision making. I see far too many in the same state I felt six, five, four and even three years ago. Recently, I was shocked to read in the national newspaper that 96% of us, employed, self-employed and not employed, feel frustrated and very close to the edge.

How about you?

Are you having thoughts like –
• Why is this happening to me?
• When will I ever get my life back?
• Why do idiots and incompetents surround me?
• How can it take five times longer than it used to?
Or are you more easily distracted these days? Do you fall into silly and ridiculous verbal sparing matches more frequently to prove a point? Is a source of pleasure a simple daydream about running away, escaping, and trying to get some time simply for yourself?

Suppose you answered yes to just one of these questions. Congratulations! You are in the majority. Not only are YOU perfectly normal, so too are your feelings.

And I would love to help

First, the backstory. Six years ago, I contracted a viral infection that suffocated all the oxygen in my brain and my spine. Long story, very short — my body went into epileptic seizures and then into two strokes. (Clearly, oxygen is kinda vital to our well-being!) When I awoke from the medically induced coma, I immediately went into Obnoxious Patient mode. Hell-bent on proving I could quickly relearn to string thoughts together, analyze, talk, walk, and get back to what I was.

It did not take the five weeks I thought it should. The walking, talking, thinking stuff took about a year. But the mental part, the crucial part, was closer to five years. So much for being SuperWoman!

Today, back to ‘normal’ and finally in complete control physically and mentally, I see so many struggling in ways I did. Grappling to find any level of personal control in the current turmoil and trying to cope when everything changes too fast for comfort. Business, personal, family, emotional and everything in between. And the most significant piece I see we are not addressing is the exact piece that got in my own way six years ago.

The mental piece. Now, I am not talking about mental illness. This has NOTHING to do with mental illness. Rather it has everything to do with giving you back options. This has everything to do with seeing a different perspective. This has everything to do with YOU. And that space is found in

The real estate between your ears

I have been working on a session I call ‘Take Back Control.’ It is for business owners and leaders, much like you. It is about finding pieces in your life that you claim back — just for you. It is about finding happiness even when circumstances and situations feel otherwise. It is about making you as strong as you can be. Right now and in the near term. It is about reclaiming you and your goodness. Your mojo and your inner fortitude. So that you can move ahead despite what is happening all around.

I am looking for a few beta testers

Beta testers is a sophisticated way of calling for volunteers or guinea pigs. I want a handful of business people and leaders to run through my Take Back Control session. I have taken everything I have lived, studied, practised, and learned to reclaim my former self and distilled it all into a handful or two of significant nuggets. Here is what I am trying to accomplish in under two hours:
1. Show how to achieve success — without sacrificing yourself, your health, and those all-important personal/family relationships
2. Highlight ways to build your mental toughness to instill confidence in others and make the best use of your time
3. Harness a few very workable formulae to lessen, even eradicate the COVID emotional roller coaster we are on

I want to make sure I am hitting all the right notes and delivering brilliant value. Would you like to be part of the beta group? Let me know!

Have a say in how this program gets designed, AND learn a few things in the process. It all goes down on April 14th.

Change your thinking for the better

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