Toxicity? Not AGAIN!

Have you ever noticed how exhausting strong and competent people can be? They have very high standards, are real pros in their calling, and refuse to lower their performance bar for anyone. But, add in those with a solid moral compass, and man! They can be insufferable. I know — I’m one of them. Pity, my husband, right?

Earlier this week, he casually mentioned that the one daily paper he reads had published something about the toxic environment that Lisa LaFlamme created. So, accordingly, THAT was the reason she was fired!

If you haven’t heard or read it in newspapers across Canada, the North American Twitterverse, and of course, the PEOPLE magazine,

Here’s the backstory

Canada’s number one national news anchor was fired. Fifty-eight years old, told at the end of June that she had six weeks, given absolutely NO opportunity to tell her colleagues, she was ordered to work for the next four weeks as if everything was normal and then go on vacation. Two years left on her contract, recognized as the best of the best in North America.

On August 15th, she issued a 2-minute video announcement under the headline, I have some news. Worse, the company that fired her made a short statement saying she had left and would be replaced by a much younger male. 35 years of brilliant service with not even a public thank you.


Funny thing. I had almost given up hope that anything could unite my country. However, the shabby treatment of a much loved, kind, decent, solid female journalist and news anchor did just that.

So when Gerry mentioned the issue of ‘toxicity,’ I went ballistic. Why? Two reasons. Unbeknownst to him, by 6 in the morning, I had devoured ALL the newspapers – including the underground ones — so I knew the real reason. And because only WOMEN are ever publicly slimed with the ‘toxicity’ issue.

The double standard is nauseating

Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, and nearly all the robber barons who preceded them are known to be absolute jerks. To everyone. They were revered for their strength, ability to make millions, and brass balls. But, it was very well known, that they were difficult to work with and for. And not once was their toxicity publicly called out.

The green-eyed monster that has always existed still sees men and women differently. So women get attacked for their looks, personality, age, and difficulty for setting those high standards. Of course, the cherry on top is always toxicity.

After I had ignited and then wound down my full-on ballistic mode, hubby didn’t say another word for a couple of hours—poor guy.

It turns out that Lisa was dumped so unceremoniously because she had a maggot for a boss. A young white guy with a huge ego, out to show everyone who was the boss and hell-bent on destroying anyone who spoke truth to power.

Listen, I get it

Business decisions are made every day. Some are good; some not so much. People lose their jobs every day. Some leave with a package to help tide them over until the next job comes along; most don’t. The world is constantly changing, and the ways we did things yesterday won’t likely be in place tomorrow. We all find ways to make peace with these realities. And most of us never have the x-factor of doing it in the public arena.

I feel bad for the good white men that exist these days. There are lots of them. They are championing equal rights, gender equality, and standing firm with their females — in their families and workplace. The trouble is, the few high-profile Neanderthals constantly overshadow them. I also continue to feel despair for all women in the workforce. They have been taking it on the chin for too damn long.

All humans, regardless of gender, deserve respect. They also deserve a safe work environment. Because no one human is better or worse than another. Integrity and dignity should never go out of style. It’s long overdue that we spare both sexes the lies, the flimsy excuses, and the obfuscation.

Here’s the thing.

We can no longer go it alone. And we can’t ignore it, hoping it will magically disappear. Enough is enough. We need to stand up for each other.

It’s about the goodness of humans for the goodness of humans.

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