What Are Your Core Values?

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I want to share a common and recurrent theme I see as I help business owners grapple with their Post-COVID Success Plans. Personal Values. What are your core values and what exactly do you stand for?

In the current environment, we are all finding that trying to get someone to take a look at our product or service — is proving more complicated. And the length of time to close a transaction is increasingly getting longer. Why is that? In simple terms, every single one of us (sitting on either side of the table) has become more selective about with whom we want to transact deals.

For most of us, our standard spending capacity for this year has dropped off. So all of us are taking greater care and time to ensure that what funds we do have to spend are directed in the right direction. Which means nobody wants to hear about the products and services we sell. Instead, they want to hear about us, what we are about and how working with us will make their lives infinitely more manageable.

In short, there are so many competitors in our specific spaces; it is difficult to differentiate based on the usual products and services angle. Right now, and for the immediate future, there is a better way.

It is more valuable to choose suppliers and partners who share our ethics, our values and our commitment to the community.

THAT is the singularly best answer I can give anyone about ensuring their business is ready for more success.

Your key messages include a piece about the core values of the company. And those core values are upheld by everyone in the organization. It also contains lots about the positive transformation your organization gives to your customers. As well it includes a bit about why or how you are the best at what you do. And it also speaks to what your goals are in serving your world.

For example

When was the last time you heard anyone say something like, “Hey, we have the best product north of the border. But before I talk about the product or even our company, let me tell you what you can expect from us. You can expect complete honesty, zero sales pressure and monthly news bulletins that are jam-packed with solid information you can use in your business. If you do become our customer, we move heaven and earth to keep you satisfied. And besides the money you can save by working with us and which I will cover today, you also have complete peace of mind, knowing that when we do sign a deal, we treat you exactly like we treat our family members. Why? Because we believe that is the only way to do business.”

Frankly, you don’t have to hold any of these values. (After all, each one of us is different.) But you do need to articulate your values and beliefs. Especially now. The people you want to work with, the exact people like you need to know what you stand for. So tell them. It is the fastest way to cementing the business bonds that work.

I get a kick out of helping so many come to terms with what they stand for and then sharing it in a non-salesy way with their prospects. It is even better when they come back to me and share their fabulous results with this new way of operating. Ready to start sharing your values and winning more business? Book a time with me here.

To your success!

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