You Matter Too!

This week, you might think I am pretending to be your mother. NOT!!! I want to show you how you matter too!

What I am doing is addressing a big trend that is circulating these days and imploring you not to go there. This has nothing to do with business, and everything to do with you personally.

Can you say yes to even one of these questions?

1. Have you got to the point you hardly see your Family?
2. Have you lost your sense of Purpose?
3. Are you still trying to meet others’ Expectations?
4. Are you feeling Exhausted every day?
5. Do you feel like you are Failing in too many areas of your life?
6. Do you remember what Vacation time is for?
7. Do you have a hard time Focusing for more than 10 minutes?
8. Are you having bouts of Unhappiness for no apparent reason?
9. Are you often feeling Paralyzed when making decisions?
10. Are you finding yourself frequently unable to Ask for Help?

If you answered yes to just three or fewer, you are way ahead of the general population. If you said yes to more than three, you are well on your way to crashing headfirst into the latest trend called Busy and Out of Control.

And I would be doing you a huge disservice if I said, ding ding ding. It’s time for some self-care. Because that doesn’t mean a damn thing.

I’d like to offer you two ideas to help keep you from crashing.

Idea #1 …. Can you make a small change in the way you are nourishing your body, your mind and your spirit?

Idea #2 … Can you make a small change in your perspective about one thing going on in your life?

Here’s why. If you are not exercising your body or not eating at least one meal a day that is good for you, you are not giving yourself kindness. If you spend much of your day aimlessly scrolling, watching the news or ruminating about someone or something that is just not going the way you want, you are harming yourself. And if in any one day, you can’t find just five minutes of quiet, just for you, your spirit does not have a chance to rebound.

I want you to think about this truth. The universe has a way of reflecting back to you, events and conditions that match how you treat yourself. Read that again. Exactly. A scarey thought filled with opportunity.

Take Action

I invite you to look at one part of your life and ask yourself if you could (figuratively) introduce a diet, a cleanse or change? This is not about doing something drastic. This is about modifying one behaviour. A small change. Try it for just one month. And see how you feel. If you notice nothing, go back to what you used to do.

If you DO notice something positive, pick another part of your life and layer on another cleanse, diet or lifestyle change.

Here is what I know. The universe wants to give you the very best. The only thing you need to do is participate and nourish your wellbeing. And watch for what shifts in your favour!

Feel like chatting about how you matter in your life? Here’s my calendar.

change your thinking for the better

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