Your Head, Your Heart, Your Hands

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No, I have not gone woo-woo with a title about your head, your heart and your hands.

As we are finally inching our way out of the lockdown clutches of the pandemic, I think we can all agree that not only is our world as we knew it, forever changed, but so too is our leadership capability and style. For some, this will be easy. Unfortunately, for the vast majority, not so much. And that is what I want to talk with you about today. Where are you in terms of your head, your heart and your hands?


Do you have in your head, an ability to envision your future and the new priorities required to succeed? Right now, I see a lot of bafflement and fear. Most of it bottled up inside. Couple that with a huge inability to reason, and I do worry about where we will end up. I have two suggestions for you.

Nominate yourself as your organization’s Minister of Common Sense. This is the best time to see and then remove all the barriers to your future success. Why do you do things the way you do? Can you do them differently and still get a result that is the same or better? Question everything with a series of five whys. As the Minister of Common Sense, you will get straight to the bottom of every time-sucking, resource-wasting and ineffective activity you have in your organization.

The second suggestion I have is to sign up for the basic program called “Your post-COVID Success Plan.” The investment is nominal, the value you get outstanding. It has been my pleasure to help business owners and senior leaders reprioritize and refocus for their next 12 to 18 months. The drop in their stress and fear level is very noticeable. You too might notice a difference.


Do you have the heart to inspire your employees, customers and suppliers? Importantly, can you empower your employees – both in-person and online? Inspiring and leading all humans has become very difficult for so many business owners and senior leaders. Because most of us never learned how to be decent people leaders in the first place.

Today, we are struggling to master the new background activities that go on, the new safety measures that need to be in place and the razor-thin edge of sanity we are all balancing upon. It is no longer about when this will get done. Rather, it is about what is getting in the way of you being able to deliver? No longer can we talk just about the next assignment or the next sale or even the next order. Now we must include something about how are you, what is happening in your world, and is there some way I can help?

Here’s an idea. Perhaps you could imagine yourself playing Mahatma Gandhi or Mother Teresa for awhile. Not for their religious beliefs; but for their compassion, their humanity, their ability to listen first, and ask second. We are entering a new world. One that is no longer dominated with greed and ego; but rather with a concern for and actions in favour of others. Accordingly, use your heart wisely.


Do you have the hands to ensure innovative and agile-execution capabilities? In this area particularly, the giant corporations are finding their legs right now. And yes, many of them will survive and prosper. But you have a considerable advantage. You are smaller, faster, and not bogged down by shareholders and all the compliance issues they have.

To give yourself that leg up, you need straightforward processes and an inexpensive way to use, interpret and react to data (from your customers and your market). Plus you need an organization that gives kudos to new ideas rather than backslaps for rank or seniority.

I really want you to succeed. Your head, your heart and your hands form the backbone of your company culture. Now is the time to fashion a great one. When you are ready, I am here for you.

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