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Have you noticed how the near limitless swirl of excuses and hand wringing has ramped up to an excruciatingly high level? Such a sad state of affairs about our collective life!  Doesn’t it feel like almost everyone has a bone to pick with someone — about something? (This is so bad, OMG, he’s so terrible, why does it always happen to me, my luck has dried up, everyone is out to get me, doesn’t anyone get that I hurt too, I don’t need all this extra BS.) Frankly, these excuses (whinings?) are so similar and cut across so many industries and income levels, they have become monotonously boring background noise.

I want to be very serious today

There are endless possibilities and opportunities all around us. Ripe for the picking. Let me share what I learned six years ago when I was beginning down the ‘minor medical miracle’ road.

Life does not happen TO us. Life happens FOR us. In other words, there is a lesson we need to learn from pretty much everything we do and from every time we believe we are smacked down. And every one of us needs a bit of distance between the point at which the smackdown occurs and the point we finally get the epiphany.

The three lessons I needed to learn

  • People care about ME, not how I earn a living.
  • Talking less and listening more deeply to the other person is the greatest gift we can both give and receive.
  • When I really want something, I have the capability to make it happen.

Not one of us was ever promised an easy life. The truth is, we all have s^&t in our lives. Yet we only ever receive the level of s^&t we can personally tolerate. THAT statement — about personally tolerating — is why some people have a few calamities and why some people have much more.

When I talk about life happening FOR us, what I mean is we need to learn a big lesson before we can move forward. Divorce underway? Maybe you need to adjust how you love and respect. Business not making enough money? Maybe you need to recalibrate your ideas on HOW to make money before you actually make some. Career not proceeding in the direction you want? Maybe you need to take the reins of your future — YOURSELF.

For too many of us, our world is suction-cupped to our faces. We ignore the good parts, obsess about the bad and pay lip service to those who surround us. All because we are afraid.

Afraid of failing, afraid of succeeding, afraid of what others might say, or do, or think. Afraid of missing, afraid of overshooting. Afraid for our lives, for our loved ones’ lives. Most human beings are afraid — of something.

Yet, can you honestly say that all those fears you have harboured have EVER come true? If you are like 99% of us, none of it has ever and will ever come true.

Here is what DOES come true

When we choose a path we want to travel, we begin, end and travel through it by putting one foot in front of the other. If you are faced with two or three options, always pick the one that brings you the most joy. Because we humans can turn ANYTHING into gold.

Honestly, there is no best or worst path – the path will be what we make it. Just put one foot in front of the other and stay the course for a decent length of time. If you are determined to make the path yours, it will be yours. There is no other way.

Sure there are tons of ideas and gimmicks we can all use. Hold a picture or vision inside of your mind, establish a schedule that optimizes your strengths and stick with it consistently, hire a coach or mentor or guide to keep you honest and accountable. Work on powering up and strengthening your mind. Remove most of the time-wasters from your life. Fixate on the endpoint and stream all thoughts through what the goal is. We know them all.

The truth is quite simple

We all have the power, inside of us, when we want to use it, to make our lives better. As a matter of fact, the possibilities available to us are endless. We can have pretty much what we want in life – as long as we are not stubbornly attached to a timeline and are quite willing to be flexible in how we get there.

The four inches between our ears is an extremely powerful piece of real estate. Using it the right way actually surpasses anything we could get using all of our training and our education. For one simple reason.

The answers already lie inside of us. We have all the answers we need in our head, our heart and our soul. We simply need to find the best way to pull those answers out.

May I show you how your possibilities are truly endless?

The next session of the Reclaim Your Personal Power Project starts June 18th. Ten weeks. Let me show you how much brilliance you have today and how much more you can have. Let me show you how great your life really is and the minor tweaks you could do to make it awesome. Let’s get you confident, enthusiastic and in love with life again.

I’d be honoured to walk beside you on your path. Join nine other truth-seekers here.

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