Living in Harmony: Your Website & Your Social

Have you noticed the war being waged over your website and social media in the branding and marketing arenas? Look over there — the traditional stuff is finally winning again. No, see over there. Cuz the digital folks have screwed things forever. Get your website gleaming. No. Use this new social app. This, that. The

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Got An Almost Zero $$$ Marketing Budget?

Did I get your attention with this wonky title for marketing? Cuz, I get this particular something for nothing question a lot.  And I want to answer it in a forthright manner.  I am not what anyone would ever consider a true-blue marketer. My focus is on your ENTIRE business and I see marketing as

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The Magic Formula For Just About Everything

A few years ago, my friend Robert Wright asked me to help him fine tune something he was working on.  Robert is a sales and marketing consultant and a really smart guy, and the stuff he was working on was organizing a series what he called buyer personas. These were essentially descriptors or profiles of

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Make Your Expertise The Sales Star Of Your Business.

This particular insight came after the preliminary work we did for a client. You see, the client is in a seasonal business and had discovered us a little too late since most of his commitments for this year were made. But one of the things that we talked with him about…the main thing, in fact,

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