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Digitally speaking, blogging is one of the coolest and easiest ways to share thoughts and insights that are outside the usual.  Look for fresh insights and stories each week.

Purposeful Procrastination

Purposeful Procrastination?  What on earth am I talking about? We all have those days when we just don’t wanna. No matter how important it is that we know to get something done, we don’t have the energy or the reserve to follow through. Know what I mean? I have a trick to get you on

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Keeping Zen-Like

Zen-Like?  What is that?  I see you shaking your head. How many hours have you ever spent trying to change someone’s mind? I’ll wager thousands–if you add them ALL up. And I’ll also wager you were successful in only a handful. Ever wonder why? I ran across this quote from Thich Nhat Hahn, a recently

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Playing Big or Playing Safe

I learned a few things about bending one’s mind the other week and thought you might find some of it interesting.  Play Big or Play Safe. Just Play. For three days, a bunch of us huddled in front of the computer screen, attending a sales and mindset masterclass. (Fortunately, about six hours of advertising and

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Branding: The Tail of the Nights

Branding and refreshes. Last week, I shared with you my rebranding. And if you were one of the many who generously played tester or sent me helpful comments, here’s a huge thank you from my heart to yours. I also promised to tell you how The Knights of the Round Table found their way into

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The Big Reveal

Today is the big reveal, so I am keeping this week’s opinion piece very short. The exercise in rebranding is finally finished. It has only taken me nearly fourteen years to get to this stage! (Very typical, by the way, for all those who begin a business and then pivot a few times.) May I

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Does It REALLY Matter?

This week, I rediscovered an old forgotten technique and thought you might find it helpful. Behind the scenes, I am doing a bit of a rebrand and refreshing my website and all my marketing collateral. We might be two hours away from unveiling the new website. Excitement is in the air! On Wednesday morning, my

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Banishing the Green-Eyed Monster

I’ve been having several conversations lately that are ending in tears. Clients and friends alike. It seems the green-eyed monster is still causing havoc in lives. Whether you refer to it as your personal streak of jealousy, your spate of frustration over not having or being enough or just that ’damn green-eyed monster,’ I’d like

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RIP Your Majesty

Your Majesty. I couldn’t NOT say something about the death of someone I have known about my entire life. And I am pretty sure you, too, have very likely never known such a visible public figure for so long. Whether we are members of the Commonwealth or not and whether the monarchy is relevant or

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Another Launch is Happening

For the last three weeks, I have been developing my latest launch. It’s finally at a point where I can share some bits of it with you. Ta duh! I am launching another podcast by the end of September. It’s called — Exploring Compassionate Capitalism. It’s about doing business differently and moving beyond the “Profit

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Toxicity? Not AGAIN!

Have you ever noticed how exhausting strong and competent people can be? They have very high standards, are real pros in their calling, and refuse to lower their performance bar for anyone. But, add in those with a solid moral compass, and man! They can be insufferable. I know — I’m one of them. Pity,

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