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Digitally speaking, blogging is one of the coolest and easiest ways to share thoughts and insights that are outside the usual.  Look for fresh insights and stories each week.

The Sound of Crickets

I think we all go through periods where we strain to hear some feedback, any feedback, just a little bit of feedback, puh-lease, and all we get are Crickets! For some, that period can be short; for others, it can be gruellingly long. Irrespective of the road we travel and the kind of human we

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What’s Going On? Imagine!

What’s going on in the news these days?  Can you re-imagine any differences?  In one (yes, just ONE) week in January, we saw the official launch of the book SPARE (salacious details about parts of the life of the gent formerly known as a Prince) the FAA closed the entire US aviation system, stopping 11,000

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About Your Email List

Ever asked your email audiences to unsubscribe from your email list? I have.  Successfully. I’d like to tell you the WHY behind it and how this might help your business. The Why Part When I started the Sunday Newsletter, I wanted to reconnect and hold closer to the folks I had known long before life

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AI for the Win?

Have you heard, read, or seen the latest AI inventions circulating these days? For example, there is a program to make you look younger, sexier, and hunkier, like a marvel comic character. And there is a program to help you write better – essays, articles, paragraphs and content of all kinds. The best part is

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It’s Twenty Twenty Three

And just for you — 33 WAYS TO MAKE 2023 PRETTY DAMN GOOD Fewer resolutions. More resolve. Increase your daily level of optimism. AMAZING things will start to happen! Be a lamp. Or a lifeboat. Or a ladder. Mean people suck. Don’t become one of them. Not even for a second. Write more. Journaling, blogging, morning

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The Federation of Men

It’s time I apologize to the Federation of Men. Once and for all. You see, I used to think men were dumb; women more intelligent when admitting their inability to stay on a path. Because we all know, a man never gets lost. Among some of his better lines, I think the “I am exploring,”

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WHAT??? You, TOO???

I have been going to Reformer Pilates for more than a year now. It has been extremely helpful in getting much of my balance back and strengthening my ‘core’. Three of us students are pretty close. One lady has lost nearly 150 lbs in two years — very, very hard work. One lady is a

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A Game to Try

I was cruising Twitter the other day (I don’t post much, to begin with, and am even less inclined since the MuskRat bought it.) and stumbled upon this post from one of my connections. “A famous researcher predicts divorce with 91% accuracy. He invented a game to protect against the #1 relationship killer. Here it

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Time To Change Your Dream?

About your dream. I relearned another lesson this week. And you may find it helpful. I’ve been researching and taping several upcoming episodes of my podcast Exploring Compassionate Capitalism. And watching the games being played in Egypt as the world leaders try to agree on just one thing. Horribly, I found myself falling deep into

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Purposeful Procrastination

Purposeful Procrastination?  What on earth am I talking about? We all have those days when we just don’t wanna. No matter how important it is that we know to get something done, we don’t have the energy or the reserve to follow through. Know what I mean? I have a trick to get you on

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