5 Smart Business Tips From The Great Bob Dylan

I have always considered myself to be a bit lucky. So lucky, in fact, that I was fortunate enough to have met and talked one-on-one with Bob Dylan for about half an hour. This was back in the 70s when he was just about the biggest thing out there. The story of how this came

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Customers: The Thing Businesses Can’t Live Without

This post was originally one of the bi-weekly newsletters we send out to our ever-growing list of people who are interested in useful and informative insights into a wide range of business-related topics. If you would like to be on our newsletter list, simply send a quick email (with your name and your preferred email address)

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The 10 Commandments Business of Communication

One of the key things I have learned from talking to both clients and people in the communications business over the years is that they believed that hardest thing to do is develop a methodology or personal business philosophy to help guide them on the long and winding road. A lot of these people tend

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Stay Stuck In The Past Or Prepare For The Future

When Charlene and I decided to create a business management partnership together we spent a lot of time talking about how we wanted that business to be seen. On the surface, when you put a highly experienced business analyst and a highly experienced marketing and communication person together, you end up somewhere in the spectrum

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