How Are YOUR Lilies?

I planted 9 ft tall lilies in the back garden a few years ago. This week, they are just beginning to open up. And with just four buds starting to open, the fragrance is heavenly. Our garden will smell intoxicating in less than a week when all the lily buds are open.

Six years ago, my life was very different. Then, nine-foot-tall lilies were so NOT on my radar, and I had pretty much given up ever finding my happiness and joy re-set again.

Today, I’d like to tell you something.

No matter how crappy you think life is right now, no matter how you feel you have missed the mark, no matter how you believe you are not enough and NEVER will be, you CAN make a massive difference – in your life and the lives of others.

It is never a straight line, the timing is entirely unknown, and you most assuredly feel like you are staring down a long tunnel with the faintest of lights at the end. But, YET, if you trust, there is a bright light, better blessings and an entirely new life awaiting.

I have been sharing this message more frequently with the frustrated people I meet professionally and personally. So maybe you or someone you know needs to hear this too.

I don’t think any of us can claim we were ever told our life would be painless. “You can do anything you want. The world is your oyster. You can dream it and make it yours. Just work hard and watch what happens.” Those were the themes most of us heard at one time or another.

Not ONCE was there a conversation about how bloody hard life can sometimes be. Not ONCE was there a conversation about reaching a point in life, everything falling into place and then calm seas forever after.

I see all those bloody hard times we go through as always arriving with wretched lessons. And ALWAYS, we end up stronger than ever when we get to the other side. And then, we face whatever else comes our way in a more fearless mode.

That fearless mode comes from the inner knowledge we gain in building our inner strength, stoking our belly fire and developing our survival muscles. After that, we call upon it as needed and then add to it as we continue to mature.

And from where I sit, those bloody hard times never end. Moreover, those times are entirely agnostic about race, gender or age.

Here’s one thing we very rarely think upon.

Our struggles and, most importantly, how we fought and overcame the damn thing is what inspires others who watch us. Most of them never say in public what they are thinking privately.

Please know that they are likely afraid to tell you that you are their hero. They don’t want to let their guard down and demonstrate what a massive fan of yours they genuinely are. Instead, they might say that you’re handling this amazingly well, or hmmm, you’re a better person than I.

What you don’t see and hear is what they might write in a note to a friend or tell a group of family members ABOUT you.

I am sorry that most of us get to the same dismal point. We reserve our admiration, praise, and best and finest words for the eulogies. How sad is that?

Right now, I want you to know that at least one person sees you as utterly different from the person you see. You might feel tormented, shamed, or even splayed on a slab destined for the dungeon. Yet, they see you as a hero, a bright light, and a personal inspiration.

Today, I have a request.

Can you please take three minutes and look at your life today. (Business or personal – it’s your choice.) Can you see how far you’ve come? Can you celebrate and be grateful for the blessings you do have?

This three-minute exercise is about you smelling YOUR garden of lilies. Breathe in the battles you have survived, the successes you have achieved and the strength you have accumulated. Breathe out all the negative thoughts you carry inside.

These three minutes will feed the energy level inside of you because you will realize very quickly how bloody excellent you are. And then, with head high and heart open, you will greet your day, week, and month with vigour and pride.

I promise!

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