How Good is Your POV?

POV?   I mean Point of View!

Many believe the Great Resignation movement is underway right now. And much of the conversation is around how a supply chain can function without an adequate supply of humans. 

However, there is another pressing issue. One that many business owners may not be aware of.

Imagine what will happen when you see a 25% to 40% uptick in the competition in your industry, from new entrants who can provide their services at a significantly lower price point than yours. That is also happening — RIGHT NOW.

Many of those who are and will resign start their own business, enter your market place and charge lower price points to gain a foothold. Because that is how it is frequently done in the early years, isn’t it? Many of us start that way until we eventually wise up.

Can you handle up to 40% more competition right now?

Do you have the capacity to spend more time justifying your prices and defending your market share? Or do you have the ability to stay out in front and IGNORE the significant increase in your competition?

One way to ensure you stand out, stand apart and continue to attract reputable clients is to ensure you have a strong point of view. (POV) It matters not whether you are a contrarian, a provocateur, a humourist, heart-based or brain-based, engaging or boring. What matters is you have a POV, you demonstrate that POV and you stand in the power of that POV.

I see too many business owners playing safe and vanilla. They don’t want to say or do anything outside of the ordinary because they don’t want to offend. Yet, here’s the truth.

We all yearn for the colourful

We love the ones who stick to their guns no matter what, the ones that will add an extra punch or three to our lives. Because we are tired of the usual and boring. We crave different.

Your future clients are looking to be wowed by you. Do you have a powerful enough POV that makes you stand out in the sea of your competition? Do you really WOW the hell out of your prospects?

Digging deep to find the POV and uncovering the magical WOW factor is one of the things I do to help my clients.

Your marketplace and industry are changing. Right now.

I encourage you to spend some time with yourself and think about how to ratchet up your POV and visibility. Your wealthy future self will be so grateful. And hey, if we aren’t connected on LinkedIn, let’s do that.

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