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BulletProof Myself

Crazy title, right? I wasn’t sure what to call today’s message. Since I am in the business of helping others BulletProof their business, I decided to share how I have BulletProofed myself. I mentioned a few months ago that I found my business intuitive. Cue the law and order music. Duh, dum. This is my

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What’s Your Frequency?

About your frequency — I just discovered a scientific way to look at our moods! Y’know those upbeat, positive people you adore being around? Compare them to those negative people who can drain your every fibre of every ounce of happiness. Ever wonder why the difference? There is a real reason why some people will

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So this Happened

I received the oddest email on March 31st of this year, which partly went. “… read your article on Medium and was very pleased with both your writing style and analysis. Is there any chance you’re interested in growing your brand/business or adding another revenue stream? I’m looking to partner with a few select authors

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Do YOU Believe?

Do you believe in YOURSELF?  This is a question I have been asked more and more frequently these days (in a business context), and I think my answer is non-specific enough to straddle personal and professional circumstances. HOW Do You Believe in YOURSELF? The chaotic unpredictability of life, especially these days, can shake our confidence

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How Are YOUR Lilies?

I planted 9 ft tall lilies in the back garden a few years ago. This week, they are just beginning to open up. And with just four buds starting to open, the fragrance is heavenly. Our garden will smell intoxicating in less than a week when all the lily buds are open. Six years ago,

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How to Create Some Space

Create some space????? We are all duty-bound and time-crunched, right? So our favourite refrain is, “I’m too busy.” And whether this is true or a handy excuse doesn’t matter. We believe we are time-crunched; therefore, we are. Would you like to get off that merry-go-round? Remember Oprah? Her personal coach was Martha Beck. And Martha

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Canada: Another Year Older

Happy July Long Weekend Canada! Whether in Canada or the US, this weekend is all about celebrating. And politics aside, there are many reasons to celebrate. Besides the fireworks, this weekend is also a time for reflection. I have been doing some research and want to share where we Canadians are these days. For my

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Yelling: Not the Panacea We Thought

  You know I don’t have children; I have dogs. And as a long-time reader, you also know this past February, hubby and I welcomed dog number six into our family. Initially, I did a lot of loud-voiced NOs at the little puppy. (Notice how I downplayed the term yelling to the gentler ‘loud-voiced’?) And

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Stand Tall. Feel Free. Shine Bright.

Over the last few months, I have met more women entering or in the middle of caregiving for their parents. (Typically their moms.) The reactions, emotions, and guilt levels are pretty much the same for most. I try to give a shoulder or an ear. Everything I say generally comes back to something based on

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How Well Do You Live In-Between?

I’ve been watching and thinking about several people in my circle. Specifically how they are navigating the in-between world. Y’know the place where we haven’t quite finished with one thing yet are taking tentative steps forward with that other thing? Like, my neighbour, just diagnosed with prostate cancer. Or the wife — of my husband’s

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