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How to Still Stand Tall

The news these days is making my stomach churn. It’s so very hard to stand tall right now, isn’t it? Interest rates are rising in a bid to stop inflation. Gas prices and general inflation are spiralling up an endless staircase. COVID is holding steady. Let’s ignore the long-overdue cooling of the housing market. The

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Let Go to Let In

  What’s your excuse for being forgetful? (C’mon! We ALL have those moments!) Here’s mine — “OMG, my poor brain. There is so much knowledge and wisdom crammed in there, that I can no longer keep everything in it. In order to make room for a new piece of knowledge, I have to let go

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Lessons from My New Puppy

Did I tell you we have a new puppy? She joined us in mid-February at barely three months of age. I had forgotten what life with a puppy is like. And today, I want to share the lessons Lily Bell (Bella for short) has taught me. I am pretty sure a couple will resonate with

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Experiment, Learn, Repeat

Want to tell you about an experiment I ran on LinkedIn these last two weeks. I think you’ll find it fascinating — even if you play on other social media sites. Background I have devoted the better part of two hours, five days a week, to posting and engaging on LinkedIn for the last eleven

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Can You FEEL the Energy?

We’ve made it to May. How do you feel? Notice the shift in your energy these days? More specifically, do you sense your life has sped up? Suddenly things are showing up for you in maybe the best ways possible in a long time. Are you experiencing even a bit more breathlessness these days? Welcome

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Time for Some Feng Shui

I bet you’ve heard the term Feng Shui. It’s an ancient Chinese traditional practice that claims to use energy forces to harmonize individuals with their surrounding environment. Quite literally, the term means “wind-water.” At the very least, I assume you have heard it associated with balancing your energy and bringing more wealth and abundance into

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Stop Talking About Your Why

What a strange title!  Why am I telling you to stop with your Why? You might have heard the name Simon Sinek. (Failed marketing guy, found a vast consulting company to bankroll his efforts. Wrote several books with intelligent people. Became the face of the new way of leading.) He is often quoted and lauded.

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Look Back. Flex Forward.

When I look back, seven years ago, I was in my second week of living my new life. Not even three months before, my mother had died. One month earlier, the streptococcal meningitis bug had selected me as its next victim. And here I was in the hospital trying to make sense of how to

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There Might be Something to this Self-Care Thing

I have a wide skepticism streak in me. Maybe you do too. Self-care is a term I have never been able to get behind. Most likely because in the beginning, it was always coupled with spa days, mani-pedis, beauty makeovers, tiny portions of chef-prepared healthy food, and pictures of well-dressed and coifed people lounging around.

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The Lie We Know Too Well

Like you, I read a lot. It’s the best way to keep abreast of all the different ideas, concepts, and thoughts floating around the ethernet. And also stay connected to the lies we believe.  Lies? I have been reading the works of Srikumar Rao, the founder of The Rao Institute for years. His latest thought

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