Stay Stuck In The Past Or Prepare For The Future

When Charlene and I decided to create a business management partnership together we spent a lot of time talking about how we wanted that business to be seen. On the surface, when you put a highly experienced business analyst and a highly experienced marketing and communication person together, you end up somewhere in the spectrum

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The Unvarnished Truth About Leadership (Part 2)

Are you a good leader? In The Unvarnished Truth About Leadership Part 1, I gave you the backstory of how I became qualified to talk about leadership with some authority. In this post, I outline what I feel are the necessary elements of good leadership. Bear in mind, these elements or personal beliefs, are in fact,

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The Unvarnished Truth About Leadership (Part 1)

Leadership.  There seems to be a lot of ink being spilled about what makes a good boss.  Or what makes a good leader.  Or what kind of person is the best kind to work for. I am usually amused by the articles because they are often written by frustrated or wronged employees, wise professionals with

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The Keys To Surviving & Thriving In The Next Decade

Change your thinking.  When you build your business around the firm belief you can help your clients change your thinking for the better, it just stands to reason you should explain yourself doesn’t it? This post outlines what I believe and why in today’s world, the ability to change your thinking to adapt to all

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