Make Your Expertise The Sales Star Of Your Business.

This particular insight came after the preliminary work we did for a client. You see, the client is in a seasonal business and had discovered us a little too late since most of his commitments for this year were made. But one of the things that we talked with him about…the main thing, in fact,

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The 10 Commandments Business of Communication

One of the key things I have learned from talking to both clients and people in the communications business over the years is that they believed that hardest thing to do is develop a methodology or personal business philosophy to help guide them on the long and winding road. A lot of these people tend

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Stay Stuck In The Past Or Prepare For The Future

When Charlene and I decided to create a business management partnership together we spent a lot of time talking about how we wanted that business to be seen. On the surface, when you put a highly experienced business analyst and a highly experienced marketing and communication person together, you end up somewhere in the spectrum

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A Consistent Voice Is Critical To Reflecting A Consistent Brand

A consistent voice.  THAT is one of the most effective ways to be sure your company’s message is getting through.  A consistent voice is the most powerful way to speak to your prospects about your brand.   From the content on your web site and blogs to the copy in your trade ads, sales letters

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How To Choose Your Best Advisor

One of the most frequent questions we get here at Bullet Proof Consulting is about choosing a good business advisor or coach. Some days, it seems like an entire university has sprung up and is happily pumping out coaches and consultants. Online and offline. Churning out experts and gurus on, well, everything. (NOTHING is more

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