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Digitally speaking, blogging is one of the coolest and easiest ways to share thoughts and insights that are outside the usual.  Look for fresh insights and stories each week.

A Plan, A Goal, A Vision, A Why. What???

As a business owner, you are bombarded with aggressive, strong and ‘manly’ messages. You have heard all of them. “You gotta have a Plan.” “Push to your Goal.” “Stay focussed on your Vision.” Articulate your Why.” Honestly, it’s enough to make your head spin, isn’t it? I’d like to tell you why most of this

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Your Life: Endless Possiblities Especially NOW

Have you noticed how the near limitless swirl of excuses and hand wringing has ramped up to an excruciatingly high level? Such a sad state of affairs about our collective life!  Doesn’t it feel like almost everyone has a bone to pick with someone — about something? (This is so bad, OMG, he’s so terrible,

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How to Create a Bit of Space

Do you ever wonder how to “create space”? I know I have! Who was it that said the best part about spring cleaning or regular purges was removing the dust, the clutter, and the too old and too broken? Now THAT is all about creating more space, right? Creating space in today’s crazy world is

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How to Reenter Our New Life

Are you excited about the vaccination rollout? I am. Here in Canada, we’ll be in a ‘majority are vaccinated at least once’ situation very soon. Which means we can begin the reentry process into our new lives. I have been thinking about that reentry and imagine there will be several circumstances we have never encountered

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Cable Woes: When your World Goes Dark

I had a cable and connectivity scare this week and want to share with you some of the lessons learned. Especially if you work from home-–either as an entrepreneur, solo entrepreneur or even an employee, this is for you. My internet was down for the entire day NOTHING. No internet, no landline, no WiFi. NOTHING.

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It Starts With Values

This year, my husband and I celebrate our 35th wedding anniversary. We have been legal for 35 and have known one another for nearly 40. Or, as he likes to say, Honey, I have been with you for more than half of my life. There is one trait my hubby has that I adore. He

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How to Make a Decision

One area that doesn’t seem to get a lot of air time these days is the process of deciding or making a decision, probably because so many of us are simply trying to hold on. Yet, how many people do you know who have thrown in the business towel? Decided their marriage isn’t worth salvaging?

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Suffering from Exhaustion? Take A Break! NOW!!!

Have you noticed your exhaustion levels these days? The other day I was chatting about a potential client and how to improve her bottom line. The lady plays in the luxury space, and pre-COVID she did everything in person. We were tossing around ideas to help her do a better job in the online space.

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YOU! It All Starts With YOU

In this Leadership look-see series, I’ve shared with you how the world is FINALLY changing, how what the older generations have long supported is quickly crumbling, what my definition of a real leader is, and how we must get over this long-held view that human beings are freaking assets and just treat our fellow humans

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Your OnLine Security: Should You Care?

I want to chat about your online security for a minute.  One of Kim’s favourite words is ‘decentralize.’ To her, decentralize means giving the power back to the people. See, Kim is one of those people gifted with the ability to see possibility. (Maybe it came from homeschooling three kids, maybe from being immersed in

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