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Have You Checked the Bathrooms?

I have a confession today. I am OBSESSED with the cleanliness of bathrooms. Everywhere. It probably started when I was a little girl, and my mother told me always to wear a clean pair of underpants. Truthfully that advice was about getting into an accident, and apparently, the state of one’s underpants told a lot

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Heard About Tall Poppy Syndrome?

Tall Poppy Syndrome (TPS) is a term commonly used in Australia. It refers to the expectation that poppies should grow together. If one grows too tall, it gets cut down to size immediately. In real life, what happens is humans are terrified to be seen or identified as a ‘Tall Poppy.’ So they overdo it

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In Praise of Praise

Last Friday, I received a slap-in-the-face lesson about Praise, and today I want to share it with you. I was walking the last 20 minutes of my daily 90-minute trek when a gentleman stopped me and asked if I had a phone. Of course! What’s the problem? There is a lady over there (gesturing to

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Pandemic Flatulence

Pandemic Flatulence.  This is my new (uncopyrighted) term. I coined it to explain the dramatic increase in what we used to call casual brain farts. I was beginning to think the world had gone mad. Until it happened to me. Suddenly it all makes sense. July 6th, hubby and I embarked on the long drive to

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Flip Your ME to WE

ME to WE? Flip who? Say What? How often do you get calls or requests to try out some personality test to help you understand yourself and then have phenomenal success? I bet you answer FREQUENTLY. And how many times have you taken those tests? Probably lots – as long as they are free. I

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Just Start

Last month the post about endless possibilities caused a commotion.  While most agreed with me, the common question, was ‘where do I start?’  Let me explain. You have a big dream. A fantastic idea you would love to happen in your life. Could be a personal goal, a business ambition or even a wild and

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Who was Your BESTEST Boss?

Who was your bestest boss? I am talking about the person you reported to for whom you would do anything. The one you took your best ideas to, the one for whom you did your best work. The one you trusted to have your back, to understand you. They always had time to show you

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So you can’t find or even keep an employee?

Apparently, we have a huge problem in business these days.  The employee.  Specifically the ones we can’t find or we can’t keep.  This problem is not new.  But it is getting worse.  This seems a tad odd because, for the most part, businesses are still not at the pre-COVID level of employment. YET they face

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Beware the After-Times

I am quite taken with the terms before-times and after-times.  As in pre and post-pandemic.  This week, hubby and I took the car in for some work and decided to grab a Starbucks – as walk-in customers. The place was like a massive cavern because all of the usual 30 or so tables with chairs

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Change, Change, Change!

Change is everywhere, and I am so glad you are on this journey with me. So far, I have shared with you that the world is FINALLY changing, how what the older generations have for too long supported is quickly crumbling, and what my definition of a real leader is. And how we must get

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